Archival Tags  & Data Loggers Argos / GPS Transmitters
Obtaining information about the behavior of animals in the open sea is a difficult task. Archival tags allow researchers to reach beyond the limitations of traditional telemetry and obtain that information. Ask for more information >> ARGOS/GPS tags open the door to researchers and biologists to collect the fish, land animal and birds migration routes and other related information through the satellites. Please check with us for more info regarding each model we carry.   Ask for more information >>
Coded Wire Tags   Echo Sounders
Coded wire tags (CWT) are tiny lengths of stainless steel wire (1mm x 0.25mm) etched with numbers to allow identification of batches or individuals. They have been used in fish as small as 25mm in length.  Ask for more information >> New digital scientific echosounder system provides a full range of next-generation capabilities for sophisticated monitoring and assessment of biological and physical features in every underwater environment.Ask for more information >>
External Tags PIT Tags
The most durable and readable external fish tags are manufactured using innovative moulding and printing processes and materials. Ask for more information >> Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tags are designed for injecting into animals. PIT tags can also be used for other applications requiring a micro-sized identification tags.  Ask for more information >>
Radio / Acoustic Tags Visible Implant Alpha Tags
Biologists can use these small radio/acoustic transmitters (tags) with radio/acoustic receivers  to track fish and wildlife and get their movements and behaviour in impressive detail. Ask for more information >> Visible Implant Alpha (VI Alpha) Tags are soft fluorescent numbered tags that are injected into transparent tissue. Tags can be read without removal, yet are entirely enclosed within healthy tissue of the fish. Ask for more information >>
Visible Implant Elastomer Tags Others
Visible Implant Elastomer (VIE) marks provide the solution for many researchers when an externally visible, but benign tag is needed.  Ask for more information >> Ask for other product information >>

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